So, this happened today…

Right after work, I was sitting in the dentist chair, getting my bi-annual cleaning while chatting with the new hygienist–ya know, around her chisel and sucker hose. My purse was way over in the corner but I started to hear a steady stream of pings. Hmm, something’s going on. In the ninety seconds between the cleaning and the dentist doing his thing, I went for my phone.
“Sorry,” I told the hygienist. “I might be getting some good news, so can I just…”

Last week, my novel FALLING FOR HER SOLDIER went on sale and was featured in a fairly prominent ebook newsletter blast. (Not to mention heavy social media promotion from my publisher and so many others.) Sales last week were amazing, and the book ended up ranking pretty high on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Woot!  It did so well, in fact, that it became an Amazon Best-seller. Double-woot!  The next thing people started talking about was hitting the USA Today Best-Selling list. Gulp. What’s that?  See, what happens is USA Today takes the sales from both Amazon and B&N and produces a top 150 list every week. That list, however, doesn’t post until Wednesday. So, needless to say, I did everything I could to NOT check their website every two minutes. (And thank you to good friends who said they would check for me so I wouldn’t have to.) The day went on, no updates, and it was dentist time. Now we’re all caught up.

So yeah, I reached for my cell and was greated with messages like…


I know, right? It’s not a party without her! Hello!?!?

 DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I TOLD YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She didn’t answer my phone call. Guess she’s TOO BIG NOW 😉










Huge congrats to @ophelia_london who made the USA Today bestsellers list for Falling for Her Soldier! 😀 @entangledpub @RomanceIsBliss

40,000 toilets and plungers for @ophelia_london she is a USA today bestseller!

Congrats to fellow @entangledpub author & #dallasromauth@ophelia_london for becoming a Big Deal!! #doyouknowwhoiam

Then, of course, the congratulatory Pacey picture from Entagled’s social media specialist (who knows I love Pacey)


 And….another Pacey picture…

I must say, it was a pretty unique experience to get news like that while at the dentist office. The girls there were so excited for me, though. They all cheered and squeed with me, even the dude dentist wrote down the title so he could get it for his wife.

Thank you to everyone who made today–as well as last week–such an amazing experience! If you’d like to see the pretty page on USA Today, clicky-click HERE.

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