Music Monday – and some pretties


Just for you, here are a few pix from my tropical vacation. And since it’s Monday….a song. On the “Hawaiian music” radio station we had on in the car pretty constantly (100.3), this ditty played at least twice a day.
Some quicky highlights:
Pearl Harbor
ABC Stores
The Polynesian Cultural Center
North Shore
more crepes
not eating Spam (although I really wanted to)
snorkeling despite my fear 

And now for the pretties….
The start of a perfect day on Waikiki.
Snorkeling at the Hanauma Bay reef.
The view atop Diamond Head, post hike.

Surfers at North Shore. The waves were huge compared to Waikiki. Can’t image what they must be like in the winter. 

The sand up at North Shore is amazing. I wanted to roll around it.
What you don’t see is that after we made the hike to the falls (in our flip flops), we jumped in with our clothes on and swam to the falls. Other than shorts and a white tank top, I was otherwise commando. I’m so classy, I know. Embarrassing on the way out, but totally worth it. 
Lovely view of the east side of Oahu.

Sister/chauffeur striking a natural pose.

Bits of the sunken USS Arizona. Visiting Pearl Harbor was something I’ll never forget.


The Tahitian float as it passed by us at the PCC. Those chicks could shake it!
Because that’s how I roll.
Goodnight, Hawaii.

Not that this song is “tropical,” but it was played on the radio so often that it will forever remind me of my trip to paradise.

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