Music Monday – Little Surfer Girl

My sister and I are going to Hawaii in a few weeks. To prepare for this, since January, I’ve been off sugar and carbonation. Oh wait. No, I’d meant to be off sugar and carbonation, but then cupcakes happened and Trader Joe’s happened and book writing/releasing happened. And, well, you know the story.
Today, we are at the one-month-until-we-go date, and I am no where near bikini ready. However, my sister and I spoke two days ago and she informed me that–since she wants to stay out of the sun–that she intends to wear a mumu most of the time. Well, after I died laughing, I got to thinking about what a great idea that was. A mumu? Sure! It’s breezy, it covers everything, and sure, it can be sexy. Right? 

Of course, in my mind I visualize myself looking like this:

When in all actuality, it’s probably closer to this…

Oh well, bring it on.

5 thoughts on “Music Monday – Little Surfer Girl

  1. the duchess says:

    Aloooha! Firstly, I am so jelly. Second, I am unabashedly and unapologetically all about the mu'umu'u. Growing up we used to make fun of Grandmas and Aunties wearing them 24/7, however, maturity has enlightened me. Where are you going? Any planned excursions?

  2. Ophelia London says:

    I'm so excited to get one. I'm going to wait till I get there so it's authentic. I was thinking that I should just pick up a lovely house dress from Kmart just in case, but I think I'll wait. 🙂 No excursions planned yet, but I do know we're renting mopeds!

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