one year ago

Feb 8, 2012

Man, isn’t she so cute? Smiling away like that. A year ago, she had no idea….
what real deadlines feel like,
that she will never sleep the same again,
that Twitter is actually an awesome place to hang out, 
that she could feel stress, frustration, betrayal, joy and gratitude simultaneously,
what it’s like to cry over cutting a whole scene for the better of the manuscript,
that adding two pages about riding up in an elevator could be so smexy,
how energized she will feel while proofreading a final galley at 2 in the morning,
how thrilling it will be to see her name after the copyright symbol,
that having her words reviewed–for better or worse–is a true blessing,
who her real friends are. And she had many!

Relive the BIG DAY here. And then have a cupcake!

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