on being brave, again

“’Say yes, and you’ll figure it out afterward’ has helped me to be more adventurous. It has definitely helped me be less afraid.”
~Tina Fey 

Whenever I read this quote, I can’t help but think of that LIST I did in preparation of/to celebrate my 40th birthday back in April. 

Man, what a beating that was.

But, ya know what? Sometimes I miss it. I know, I know. . .Writer Chick has finally gone cray-cray, right? But listen. Even though I’m blissfully busy with my various writing projects now, still. . .when I was working on the 40 items on that list, it was like I always had something to do–to engage my mind, something totally exciting to accomplish–even if it was just planning on which list item I was going to tackle next. 

It was an incredibly happy, exhilarating and sometime terrifying time in my life. And I absolutely loved it.

Lately, in quiet moments (ha-ha), I’ve toyed with the idea of making another similar list, 41 items this time, maybe? 

But then I shake  my head, laugh and say: “You be thinking cray-cray again, Writer Chick,” and then I go back to my manuscript like a good little author.

My point is, it’s good to be brave, to take chances, and I guess we don’t need an official list to do that, right?

Stay thirsty, my friends.

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