The Last Plus One ~ release day!

After months of plotting and scheming with two of my bestie romance authors, we’re finally ready to let our three-storied baby out into the wild.

Wanna know more?

Cool. Check out the blurbs below. One for the series and one for my story, ALWAYS ON MY MIND. ❤

The Last Plus One eBook Cover for Press

You are cordially invited to the wedding of the summer…

Do you have your plus one on speed dial?

Senator and Mrs. Ramsey’s youngest daughter is sure to be the loveliest June bride that the exclusive New England compound at Virtue Cove, Maine, has ever seen. But first, there’s a barrage of Wedding Week festivities to endure enjoy. And dogs. So many dogs.

While the bride and groom are basking in their Happily Ever After, behind the scenes are one b*tch of a wedding planner with an old flame that never burned out, a “quid pro quo” business arrangement in serious jeopardy of becoming a more personal partnership, and two best friends who might discover they’re a perfect match.

During bonfires on the beach, sunset yacht cruises, and tortuous wedding toasts, will the wedding magic rub off on the guests and turn someone’s “Mr. Plus One” into “Mr. Right”?

RSVP for three romantic novellas from USA Today Bestselling Author Ophelia London, Lindsay Emory, and Alexandra Haughton.

blueberry kisses


When he’s all you can think about

Ph.D candidate and serious love cynic, Ashton James, wants three things: To finish her dissertation on Human Sexuality, to get through her brother Tyler’s fancy-schmancy wedding week in coastal Maine, and to hang with her best friend Hawk before she leaves for a fellowship in Switzerland. George “Hawk” Hawkins has wants of his own: To stand up as best man at his oldest buddy’s wedding, to land his dream job at the private school where his father taught for thirty years, and—speaking of dreams—to tell beautiful Ashton how he really feels about her.

One problem. Okay, two… Tyler’s wedding is so not the right time to confess his feelings, especially since Ashton’s brother told Hawk he’d never support a relationship with Ashton. But every moment, every laugh and touch turns Hawk into a bumbling idiot of blinding sexual frustration—a condition which Ashton has always loooved to point out. That is, until Hawk’s attentiveness, lingering looks and hunky beach body start to leave her plenty frustrated, confused as hell, and questioning her determination to stay single.

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