RWA nationals

Though I’m not registered for the national convention of Romance Writers of America this year, I will be in New York City during the conference, and I’m so dang excited to hang with many of my beloved writer and industry pals!

girl in city with pizza

Things I want to do in NYC while everyone is attending conference things:

Go running in Central Park

Eat lots o’ street food

Apple Store (yes, I know there’s one right here, but the NYC one is so way cool!)

Cab it everywhere I go because for this trip, I am a lady of leasure

Visit the Dakota Hotel and the Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park

Shop at Bloomingdales

Go to the park some more

Cross on the red like a real New Yorker

See a show

Stroll by Trump Tower and have a good laugh

Leave Times Square as much as possible, even though it’s the location of the hotel

Pizza by the slice, a lot

Did I mention Central Park? And food?

Maaaaaaybe get a new bag on Canal Street

Hang so hard with my editors and authory friends.  Eeek! So can’t wait!

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