Crossing Abby Road’s original start

Today my newest, littlest baby is born into the world. CROSSING ABBY ROAD is a companion novel to ABBY ROAD, which I published two years ago. Originally, I had a disclaimer at the beginning of CAR, to give fans of the first book a little sneaky hint about what the new book is all about. Though we ended up cutting it, I still think it’s cute and I’m sharing it with you today. *grins*

ab and cab covers 2


You might have heard of the book ABBY ROAD, about a girl in that famous band who meets a guy while she’s on a beach vacation. Well, I’m that guy, and now I’m telling my side of the story. As a dude, it’s probably way different than what you already heard from Abby, but this is how it really went down…


Wanna read more? Like maybe the whole thing? Clicky click HERE. 🙂

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