Romance Is In The Air ~ giveaway blog hop

Welcome to my stop at the Romance is in the Air blog hop. Thanks again, Inspired Kathy, for dreaming up another hop allll about romance!

I’m giving away a book I haven’t been able to read yet, though I bought it the first day it was available–because Cindi Madsen’s books are always so amazing. I’m sure LOSING ROMEO is going to be just as fab. I mean, even the cover is gorgeous, right?

About this delicious book:

When Rosaline Capulet takes a pill Romeo Montague gave to her in a love letter and goes to the Capulet party to find him, the last place she hopes she’ll end up is jail. Before taking the drugs Romeo gave her, Rosaline had always followed the rules. So she doesn’t understand how her only mistake lands her a one-way trip to Middle of Nowhere, Arkansas. Forced to live with her aunt, the threat of military school hanging over her head, she’s sure she’s ruined her life—all over a boy who disappeared from the party with her cousin Juliet.

Bryson Mercer’s motocross career was destroyed the night he was attacked, his knee shattered. Now he can no longer race, the thing he loved most in the world, and has to walk with the help of a cane. He’s kept to himself for a long time, but then Rosaline moves in next door with her aunt. Even though Bryson’s sure the girl’s trouble, as well as out of his league, he can’t deny his attraction to her.

The more time Rosaline and Bryson spend together, the closer they get, and they both find themselves doing the one thing they said they’d never do again—fall for someone. Meanwhile, Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is igniting the Capulet and Montague feud back in Verona, and people are getting killed over it. Rosaline’s starting to think losing Romeo was the best thing that could’ve happened to her. But when the words she speaks to Juliet lead to a chain of devastating events, the repercussions might not only tear her family apart, but also make it impossible for her and Bryson to be together.

Check out this teaser. Yummmm!

How to enter:
It’s easy! In the comments below (don’t forget to leave your email addy), tell me your favorite Shakespeare play, and why. Yes, you can even say “Romeo + Juliet” because Leo is so dang FINE in that movie. 🙂

Good luck, and remember to check out the other blog-hoppers below!


30 thoughts on “Romance Is In The Air ~ giveaway blog hop

  1. Mai T. says:

    I think Hamlet is his greatest play because the play vividly charts the course of real and feigned madness — from overwhelming grief to seething rage — and explores themes of treachery, revenge, incest and moral corruption.

  2. Linda says:

    Much ado about Nothing is my fav, =) there´s emotion, laughter and Keanu Reeves LOL
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Wednesday!

  3. Rebecca Westmoreland says:

    Much ado about nothing…cuz of the hilarious craziness that happens all through the the play. (Although I never did watch it, and def. Not with keanu reaves lol)
    Countrychic_03_85 at yahoo dot com

  4. smiles says:

    (email's in my blogger profile; I get too much spam if I comment it)

    I like Hamlet, but it's because it brings back one of the few good memories I have of group work in high school. We were reading the play, and the teacher had us do 30 second skits. It was complete chaos. A guy was hurrying to be Ophelia in a grave or when she drowns or something, and he dived off the stage onto a couch and almost knocked the thing over. Most of the time, I couldn't stand working in groups, but that's one of the goofiest projects I've ever done 🙂

  5. elena k says:

    I like romeo and juliet, I haven't read anything else unfortunately. thanks for the giveaway!I love cindi madsen's books.elena-k84 at hotmail dot com

  6. Ana Death Duarte says:

    “Romeo + Juliet” because Leo is so dang FINE in that movie. so true. true. i love this movie. and the book. really my fave. though i love hamlet too and the lion king hehehe 😉 and shakespeare in doctor who. fantastic 😉

    i know i sound crazy hehe, but that was the intention


    personaldeath (at} gmail (dot} com

  7. Rhi says:

    tough one… either Midsummer Night's Dream, due to a fabulous staging I saw of it with the RSC about 15 years ago, or Henry V.
    rbarckhaus (at) gmail (dot)com

  8. BookLady says:

    A Midsummer Night's Dream is my favorite Shakespearean play, because I enjoy comedies.

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