Day 2 – #ChickLitLove: Tango, anyone?

Hey gang. I’m back for day 2 of #ChickLitLove. So much fun! Today we’re all sharing a romantic excerpt from our stories. Sticking with FALLING FOR HER SOLDIER, I’m going with the aftermath of Charlie & Ellie’s first kiss…which, of course, leads to another kiss. Because kisses are the best.
Here we find Ellie trying to teach Charlie how to do the tango. They had a slight detour. 

Maybe he’d get lucky…maybe that kiss had been as insanely mind-blowing for her as it had been for him. He’d kissed a lot of women, but not one had ever made him feel like that, hungry and helpless and spinning out of his mind.

He hadn’t meant to back her into the wall like an animal, but he was afraid if he didn’t have help keeping them upright, he would end up pulling them both to the floor. A few months ago, he would have done that without a second thought, but not now, not with Ellie. That was a Hunter move, and the hunter was dead…. 
           Without thinking, he leaned down and kissed her, slowly, loving the way her lips parted immediately, trembling under his. He’d never made a woman’s lips tremble from just a kiss before. Or maybe his were the ones trembling; he couldn’t be sure. He held her face between his hands, combing his fingers into her hair. Then slowly, regretfully, he let go.
She was breathing hard, her eyes closed. “Anyway,” she said after a shaky inhale.
“Sorry. You were about to say something.”
“No, no.” She nodded. “It’s okay…that was okay.”


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