Why Today Doesn’t Suck

I woke up at 2am this morning and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Which sucked. After messing around on my laptop for a while, I thought, aw screw it and got up to get ready for work. Which sucked hard. At that point, I was prepared to have a pretty sucky day. But a few things happened that made today not quite as sucky as feared:

1) Getting to the office two hours before anyone else is kind of awesome. I got so much crap done that I’d been putting off, and I could blast my music without anyone giving me the stink eye.

2) I sent the first few pages of my first-draft WIP to my critique partner, fearing she would shoot it back saying it made no sense and how can I call myself a writer? Much to my relief, she actually liked it. (We’re our worst critics, right?)

3) A box of these little hunnies was waiting for me on the front porch:

4) I made a new banner for my blog. See it up there?

5) After a 5 week absence, I was finally able to join the fabulous ladies at #chicklitchat for our weekly Thursday night writerly discussion. Balm for the writerly soul.

6) Confirmation for the release date of my suuuuuper secret novella was approved! (Watch this space for further deets)

7) Harry on Idol.

8) JB in the slammer.

As you can see, my sucky day ended up being pretty fabulous. Thanks to all who hand a hand in it!

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