Midwinter’s Eve giveaway hop

Hey guys. Maybe because it’s the holiday season, but I can’t seem to stop giving stuff away! This fun blog hop is hosted by the awesome chicks at BookHounds & I Am a Reader Not a Writer.

My prize is something so cool that I found on one of my favorite gifty websites.
Personal Library Kit – ‘Tis good to share beloved books, but better to get them back. Safeguard your precious library with old-fashioned library tools: self-adhesive pockets & checkout cards, date stamp & inkpad. You’ll be all set to share!

To enter: pick one (or ALL) of the Rafflecopter easy entries:
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Link to our lovely sponsor: LINK

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3 thoughts on “Midwinter’s Eve giveaway hop

  1. Michelle Willms says:

    I might get past my phobia about lending my books if I had this. I've so many books stolen, it's pathetic. One person even lied and said he'd returned a book…since it was a Stephen King book and I have them all extremely organized and the hole was still there, it was quite obvious he was lying. Plus, he'd borrowed it without permission (stolen it), since I don't lend my King books, ever, and had told him so (he'd sneaked out of the house with it).

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