Teaser Tuesday

Today I’m sharing my first teaser from FALLING FOR HER SOLDIER, releasing in January. (meep!) Here we see a bit of a communication breakdown between Charlie the soldier and Ellie the ballerina. Enjoy!

She moved to the mirror, her eyes giving him a sly up-down before she turned to her reflection, combing her fingers through her long hair.
“Before we begin…” she added. But Charlie was doing his own up-down, his gaze getting hung up where her bodysuit curved in at the waist. “I guess I need to know your previous experiences.”
Charlie glanced at her face in the mirror, doing a double take. “E-experiences?”
“Yeah.” She was adjusting the skinny strap of her top. “Do you want to show me?”
His jaw went slack as he stared at her reflection. “You…want me to…”
“Or you can tell me about it. I need to know.”
He shook his head, incredulous, but when her steady gaze didn’t waver, he exhaled a groan of confused surrender. “Well, uh, okay.” He rubbed his chin. “My first time was when I was fifteen, she was seventeen, it was after a football game in the—” The words stopped mid-sentence when Ellie whirled around.
“Your experience with dancing.”
Oh, Charlie
Goodreads it HERE

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