Skipping P&P (is never a good idea)

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that the mere reading of Pride and Prejudice makes a girl smart, pretty and a hit at every party.
A have a good friend, and she’s one of the best-read people I know. A while ago, she dropped on real bombshell on me. Not only has she never read Pride and Prejudice, but she’s never touched a single Jane Austen. 
Say what???
Which got me to thinking about dear Jane.
A lot.
Here is a peak at some of my (blurry) Austen collection: 
Did you know that I wrote a book kind of based on P&P? (I’ll bet you do by now!) Come on, every chick author at least *thinks* about it at some point. Well, I did more than think.
*happy dance*
Definitely, Maybe in Love is about Spring Honeycutt, a junior at Stanford University who is forced to study-partner it up with the rich guy across the street that she can’t stand. Of course he’s way hot and smart and funny and I’m pretty much in love with him. But since Spring lives in his world, I have to live vicariously through her and swoon every time she gets to kiss him and….anyway, I digress….

Back to Ms Austen and her literary gold P&P. Not only is the book wonderful, but lets take a moment to consider all the wonderful spin-offs thanks to this literary jewel:

Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field

Lest we forget…
In short, my dear never-read-Austen friend. Please put down your YA for one week and dip your toe into the world of Jane. For me, please?

The End.

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