Writing Inspirations – chick lit…and cake (mostly cake)

From: There’s Cake In My Future, by Kim Gruenenfelder

Goodreads it HERE

“Man, I hate writing. I mean, you know, I love being paid to be a writer. I love reading what I’ve written. I love telling people at parties that I’m a writer. I just don’t so much like the writing part. As a matter of fact, lately, I hate all of it. Seriously, why would anyone want to become writers?”

I love this quote. It’s clever and funny and gets right to it. But–today, especially–it’s the exact opposite of howI’m feeling. I love writing! I’m thrilled and giddy at the whole process, from plotting a brand new story (which is what I’m doing right now. eeep!), to running down the final path of edits just weeks away from the release date. double eeep!) Like anything we tackle in life, sometimes it sucks and we hate it, but sometimes, all we feel is love. And I’m in love today.

And sometimes, there’s even cake!

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