word of the manuscript

This is fun. Check it out…
Recently, as I was working on the second pass of edits for the forthcoming SPEAKING OF LOVE (book #2 in the Perfect Kisses series), about halfway through the manuscript, one of my eagle-eyed editors pointed out that I used the word “something” a bit excessively. Well, that wasn’t a huge shock, since every manuscript of mine she’s seen has at least one word or phrase that I overused. 
We’ll call it a crutch.
Who knew that could be so abused? (Except HERE, which is 100% acceptable.)
Before going back to make the changes, I did a search, and am utterly embarrassed to share the number of times that word was used.
I’ve just started writing book #3 in the series, and I’m so excited to find out which will be my magic go-to word this time! I seriously hope it’s fahrvergnügen. Or blerg. How completely awesome would that be?

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