puppy love

“Someone help me! Help me! Help me, pleeeee-heeeeeeease….”

Every few months, I get the Puppy Fever. And right now, I’m sweating it out. I mean, look! How completely adorbe, right?
I want a dog.
No, let me rephrase.
I want to want a dog.
I want to want to want a dog.

Whenever I get this way, I have to remind myself what a big commitment and responsibility it is to have a pet. I don’t have the best track record. I kill house plants, people. All the time. I also remind myself about all the “cleaning up,” etc. that has to be done with a dog. This usually helps the Puppy Fever to pass quickly. But for some reason, this time, it’s not sticking. It’s kind of cute, right? 
(I’ll admit, my current Puppy Fever is most likely fueled by the story I’m working on. My guy has dogs. And it’s dreamy.)
So I’m wondering….for a semi-stable, semi-responsible chick like me, why should I NOT get a dog? Huh? Tell me now, or forever hold your peace.

I’ll be waiting, and looking HERE.

4 thoughts on “puppy love

  1. Kathryn Barrett says:

    I can't help you with your puppy fever, but I do want to read your next book with the hero with dogs! I am a sucker for a hero with dogs.

    And puppies…well, I had puppy fever really bad too, in fact I was looking at puppies online when the rescue org called needing an emergency foster. That was two years ago, and we still have that “foster” pup. Love him to bits!

  2. Emily Lund says:

    If it helps… we have had really bad luck with our dogs. We moved into a new house that backs to a greenbelt. Coyotes pace our fence and our sweet Chloe went missing. So we found a sweet little thing at a shelter. After two days, she started acting sick so we took her to a vet. She had parvo (often picked up at shelters) and had to be hospitalized (at the cost of $1800) and she didn't make it. So we lost two dogs in two months. I'm not a dog person, but they suck you in! It was heartbreaking. We still have Max though, Chloe's now adult puppy. A coyote was at our fence this morning– just waiting.

  3. Ophelia London says:

    Emily, that's so heartbreaking. That's another thing about dogs…the attachment factor, which is why we love them. And why we spend $1800 on a hospital stay. Ugh. I'm so torn.

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