Good times.

Ahhhh, the memories. 

Honestly, however, I can’t remember ever lusting after Fred Savage. (Although his show “The Wonder Years” had mad skills.) What exactly was Paula Abdul doing on the cover of a magazine entitled “Dream Guys?” I have the same question about the Nelson twins. And who the devil is Corky?
When did I get so OLD?
I do see you, Jordan. Thanks for stopping by. And Zack Morris. Where’s your “cell phone?” And Tommy Puett. . .whoever you are. . .I hope you’re somewhere still rockin’ that mullet, my friend. 
Enjoy this totally awesome (and my 17 year-old self’s favorite) NKOTB ditty!


6 thoughts on “Good times.

  1. Rachel Harris says:

    Oh yay… a post written just for me 🙂 Girl I had all these magazines. And totally remember all of those guys. I remember Corky, but can't remember what show he was on…it was something. Oh sigh, the memories.

  2. Ophelia London says:

    The only Corky I can think of is that little boy on the show with Chad Lowe. But I doubt that's him…. Don't you just LOVE Jordan's curls? *sigh*

  3. Mina Lobo says:

    Wasn't Corky in a movie called something like, “My Name is Stephen”? Or maybe it was “Not Stephen”. Or maybe I'm confusing him with someone else entirely.

    Tell you what, that Mark Paul Goss…whosiwhatsis dude got *really good looking* over time! Have you seen his TNT series, “Franklin and Bash”? I think a new season's premiering soon…

    Some Dark Romantic

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