8 thoughts on “Y is for Yummy

  1. Susan Flett Swiderski says:

    Your profile didn't mention that you were slightly evil. I haven't had lunch yet, and those pictures of all that sheer decadence has me drooling all over my keyboard. Crap. Guess I'll go eat my salad now. (sigh)

    Nice to meet ya. Just stopped by on the A-Z. (almost done!!!!) You have a bunch of terrific pictures on here.

  2. Sarah says:

    Hello! Stopping by from the A to Z! What a post! The first five or so are particularly delicious-looking. Too bad I saw this just before going to the market – everything there will be so much more disappointing! Great post.

  3. Ophelia London says:

    Hey, nice to “meet” you. 🙂

    Luckily, I'd just bought some ice cream bars right before I wrote this post. So I was good to be as online sugar-naughty as I wanted to be. 🙂

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