O is for. . . . other things (on my list)

Hey. Guess what tomorrow is.
Exactly! It’s my 40th birthday! 
(I know, I know, I’ve heard it before, I don’t look a day over 38 and a half. Sweet of you to say.)
Clicky-click to see the full LIST and see how close I am to finishing!

Alrighty, then. Here we go:

#39- Sleep under the stars.
This didn’t turn out exactly the way I thought it would. Honestly, I saw myself hunkering down somewhere lovely, creek-side, communing with nature (and Brad Pitt somewhere off in the distance strumming a guitar?). But I kind of ran out of time and ended up blowing up an air mattress and dragging it out to my tiny backyard. 

My cozy star-sleeping accommodations.

This was the view above my head.

If you squint just right, you can see two wee stars.

#8 – Run the stadium stairs.
Again, this one didn’t go exactly as envisioned. Thing is, all of the stadiums around here are locked up, unless there is a football game or track meet going on. After driving around for an hour an and half, I finally found some stairs, kind of.   

Trust me. It was a lot higher than it looks. Or was it?
Starting out on stair one.

View from the TOP. Wow…..it’s a long way down!

After driving around for an hour and a half, I ran those stairs then found a Duncan Donuts. Win-win!

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8 thoughts on “O is for. . . . other things (on my list)

  1. loverofwords says:

    Happy Birthday, you don't look a day over 38 1/2! No, you look much, much younger. I love birthdays, but my mom made them special. Not everyone does, but I do care! and my two sons had better remember. One always gives me perfume, this year it was “Flower Bomb,” by Viktor Rolf. Hope the weather there is sunny. . .I have an idea, since today is the “P” prompt, grab some friends and fly to Paris for the day!

  2. Ophelia London says:

    I'm in California with my family. My sis and I traped around San Francisco yesterday, then drove north 5 hours to my parents' house. Then it was nothing but food and cake. Happy birthday to me. 🙂

  3. Ophelia London says:

    Ahhhh, Paris. How lovely would that have been? Why didn't anyone suggest that before??? Oh well. There's always next year. Surely at *41* I'll feel even more entitled to a trip to France! 🙂

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