L is for List

Where have the months gone? Time is seriously ticking away. But I’m getting closer to reaching my goal of 40 Things.

#11 – Retry 10 foods I always thought I hated.

Cottage Cheese

Since I’m such a texture freak, I assumed I would still detest this stuff. But because someone explained to me that it’s NOT supposed to be sweet like yogurt (which I thought it was), but is more salty….like ricotta (which I LOVE (see HERE)), I was pretty much hooked after the first bite. Now, I eat it practically daily; with pairs, or tomatoes, or blueberries, or straight out of the tub. I only hope its healthier than ricotta….for the amount I’ve been consuming! 
Side note: I prefer the small curds to large. But they’re both rather delish.

(This was my first attempt. Which explains the tiny amount. I was nervous. I eat much larger scoops now!)

#15 – Take on a new leadership responsibility at work.
 United Way hotdog cookout (celebrating natural gas summer grilling…for a good cause!)

Planning this has been such fun, and the execution was far beyond my hopes. With the help of my fellow marketing team and some other lovely volunteers, I was put in charge of a relatively huge event.We raised a pretty huge amount for United Way.

Go Team Atmos Energy!
Pre-staging. A view of the grill and dining area.
“Big Tex,” the massive grill, with the two superheroes who run the sucker.

The first wave of fine diners. They were ready to eat!
One of the natural gas grills we raffled off. I did NOT win.
Me with some of the Marketing angels.
We had ice cream, yo.

#32 – Volunteer at a soup kitchen (or something similar in the community)

Donated surplus food (from the above cookout) to North Dallas Food Bank & to a local first station

Yes, I did happen to volunteer to take the food to the firehouse. And, I’m not gonna lie…a bunch of steamy firemen were outside playing shirtless basketball when we pulled up, and yes, they showed their appreciation in very intimate ways. Nope, no pictures included here. 

#31 – Renew my passport

(This is my expired one. Don’t I look 12?)

Because I still had the BROWN HAIR when I had my passport renewed, I opted to use a different passport-sized photo I had taken over the summer, for my CHL class. At that time, I had very blonde hair….as well as a pink stripe. My new passport will be rocking that picture for the next decade. Party on.

#24 – Learn to do a Sudoku puzzle
I didn’t complete as many as I thought I would; I guess I’m still a crossword puzzle girl. But, at least now I know how to do a Sudoku, and I’m no longer afraid to chat about them at the next Sudoku cocktail party I attend. And that’s what this is all about!

(My first lesson.)

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16 thoughts on “L is for List

  1. Tia Bach says:

    Great L post, and I appreciate you inspiring me to take on new challenges. Because of you, and your picture, I'm going to find some needy firemen today and take them something. 😉

    So glad you found Depression Cookies and commented. I'm your newest follower. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.


  2. Ophelia London says:

    I firmly believe that every girl is entitled to marry a fireman….or at least stare at a picture of one. It's good for the soul.

    Thanks for the follow. Right back at ya!

  3. loverofwords says:

    Your blog makes me happy. And we both have April birthdays, mine is today, yes, Friday, April 13th. Your idea about goals and then writing about them is a great idea. Will do the theme thing next year, if I survive this year's challenge. My goal, “Open Ophelia London first thing in the morning, to begin your day on a happy note.”

  4. DonnaGalanti says:

    Great list! I too have always wanted to learn the mystery of Sudoku. Perhaps I will try too. Trying new foods is good too. I did that with sour cream and mustard and now couldn't live without them! Perhaps I'll move on to brussell sprouts now, although the smell makes me gag.:) Maybe sushi would be a better bet.

  5. Ophelia London says:

    Hooray for April babies! I find we are the kindest and most fabulous.

    Thanks for your kind words. I'm still pretty new at blogging, but I try. 🙂

    I hope you're having a very happy birthday. Chocolate cake from scratch for everyone!!!!

  6. Ophelia London says:

    The food “challenge” was one of my favorites. I'm just glad I ended up liking (and sometimes LOVING (see cottage cheese)) some of my re-tries. I was such a finicky kid, that so much of the food I thought I hated I was just afraid of when I was little. Good luck on the brussell sprouts…I've never liked those either! I'm going to sushi for lunch today. Yummy!

  7. Sarah Allan says:

    I'm glad you've rediscovered the joys of cottage cheese! I love the small curd one as well, and it can be healthy if you get the low-fat options. I like to toast an English muffin, spread cottage cheese on, and then top with cinnamon sugar. Yum!

  8. Tracy says:

    Oh, I love this post! Very fun.

    And the photo in #32? I’m still fanning myself.


    Nice to meet another A-Z Blogger!

  9. Buffy Armstrong says:

    I still can't choke down cottage cheese. It's a texture thing. I just sent my passport in. I got married a year and a half ago and I needed to have it put in my married name. My husband wants to go to Iceland this summer and he'll divorce me if we can't go because I'm a lazy bum!

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