15 thoughts on “E is for Eureka

  1. Ophelia London says:

    Thanks! It was fun to look for pictures of spots of E that I love. At the time, I didn't love coming from such a small down, but now I realize how lucky my family was. Now that I've moved away, I love going back for visits!

    Can't wait to hop by your blog!

  2. Random says:

    It does look like a beautiful place! I moved to the Pacific Northwest (Washington) from the Midwest (Minnesota) and I'm still in love with the beauty here on the west coast.

    Nice pictures!

  3. Kay says:

    Northern Cali is more amazing the more pics I see, one the few places I'd like to live outside TX (well, if I could swing the cost of living, yeesh!}.

  4. Ophelia London says:

    Hey girl. Did you watch the vid of Sara? Why can't we be her BFF? 😉 (And, amen re: the cost of living. For now, I'll have to settle for living in TX and visiting Cali a couple times a year.)

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