Audrey, Audrey, Angelika and my List

Hello, dah-lings!

#29 – from my LIST – “Have a Day at the Angelika”

I simply adore the Angelika–our uber-chic and fab art house theater. It shows the films other theaters are afraid of (documentaries, foreigns and weirdo indies.) 

For years I’ve been dreaming of spending an entire day within its hallowed, art-deco glass walls…..drinking in artsy film after artsy film, with perhaps a little lunch in between at one of the many charming restaurants near the theater.  

Which is exactly what a friend and I did this past weekend. 

As you can see, we started our adventure early with a 10:30am film.
Hello, girl in the striped shirt. I see you!

I put off seeing The Artist. In fact, I planned on never seeing it. Honestly, I’m not sure why. Perhaps because I seldom agree with the Hollywood Foreign Press, and since this particular film was the Academy’s sweetheart this year, I figured I would pretty much hate it on principle. 

Oh, how I love being pleasantly surprised at times like these.

The movie was phenomenal. Clever, funny, sentimental, nostalgic. The acting way flawless, never over-the-top. The costumes, makeup and sets were perfection. I can’t say enough. I could have sat through the whole thing a second time. Two thumbs up. Five stars. Eight cows.

After stepping out for a sushi lunch, the next viewing was Delicacy. Audrey Tautou is so beautiful and her wardrobe was to die for. (Though my movie companion thought her high-waist wool tweed trousers with the bow on the front were hideous. We agreed to disagree.) This was a sweet little French movie. Not great, not bad. (On a more writerly note: the husband….I’ll be writing a character who looks like him someday. Major swoon.)

Last (as well as least) was A Separation. A rather un-charming, uninspiring film out of Iran. First of all, what does Iran know about film making anyway? But that’s another story. The plot was thinner than Kate Moss, the story went nowhere and the constant yelling, lying and general unkindness really got on my nerves. I have no idea why this film is so beloved by Hollywood….which brings us back to my original bone to pick with the Hollywood elite. Review: Stay away; see The Artist; eat sushi.

Does it look like we’d been in the dark indoors for six hours? Yeah, kind of.

Want to read more? My awesomely-cute friend blogged about our experience HERE.

#38 – Upgrade jewelry 

Okay, so here is the deal. Over the years, I’ve collected piles of chunky necklaces and matchy-match earrings (and other similarly ugly, tacky, just-plain-old pieces). Which I never wear anymore. And even when I did, they inevitably ended up coming off halfway through the day because I would start to feel claustrophobic. Psychologically, maybe, but still. Ergo, as part of the big “list,” I decided to purge.

And as a reward, I would pick out something lovely at Tiffanys. (I love making win-win deals with myself!)

Simply pulling this box out of the bag made my heart beat fast.
Isn’t this just the sweetest thing ever?

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