37 days and counting

Oh, I’m so glad you asked. Yes, I’ve been working very hard on my LIST.

Wanna see my latest progress?
#23 – make ricotta cheese

The recipe was dead easy. 3 ingredients. Even I can handle that.

This spreadable deliciousness was a huge hit at the dinner party I attended over the weekend. I think I may have found my new go-to.

#11 – retry 10 foods I always thought I hated: Cheerios

Not good. Not bad. Kind of bland. But at least they didn’t taste like puke–which was my fear. Win!

#30 – wear false eye lashes

creepy, no?

I wore theses mamas to a dinner party (yes, the same dinner party with my artisan ricotta). They’re freaking eight inches long, right? And, no one said a word. A few minutes after my arrival, I actually sneaked off to a mirror to make sure they were still on there. They were. And still…no reaction. After a while, I figured they weren’t as dramatically insane as I’d thought. The next day, I asked my friend if….ha-ha….she’d noticed that I was wearing freaking eight-inch falsies. She said she thought I’d got new mascara or something, but that my eyes popped. Ok? Hmm. Well, anyway. It was a goal. And an experiment. And I removed the spider legs the next morning. I think I’ll save them for Halloween. 

#37 – Take a long walk in the rain without an umbrella

This one took a while, because it’s been unseasonably (ha-ha) warm and dry the past few weeks. But then suddenly, the heavens opened and it poured like crazy all weekend. Well. I grabbed my pink wellies and pink checked rain coat and hit the running trail that I abuse myself on every day. With camera phone in hand, I took a couple shots of things I’d never noticed during my runs. And I must say, it’s quite beautiful. Thanks to the rain, things were green and blooming and just stunning.

Self-port of me enjoying the down pour. Too bad I didn’t notice until I was on my way back to the car that my “Big Ass Fans” cap was gone. Sad.

Er…what the devil? I think I would pee my pants if I’d seen one of these nasties.

This kind of wildlife I can handle.

The super sexy soaking-wet “After” shot. My camera lens and car windows were all nice and foggy.

Since I’m a music junky, during my lovely, rainy walk, my iPod came with me, serenading me with songs from the playlist of my current work in progress…including but not exclusive to THIS, THIS, THIS and THIS. I mentally wrote a new chapter, so the walk was productive for multiple reasons. Score.

7 thoughts on “37 days and counting

  1. Ophelia London says:

    I think I saw one in my hedges last fall after a big rain. At first I thought it was an R.O.U.S. (rodent of unusual size) from Princess Bride. It looked about that big. PUKE!

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