Music Monday

With “Abby Road” off in editor’s heaven, I’ve been able to return to other writing projects. Which is exciting. And a bit dreadful. But mostly exciting. The dreadful part came when I had to decide which still unfinished, or rather terribly unpolished, WIP (work in progress) to dive into. 
I had two choices. 
Mentally, for days I struggled over which to tackle. Because, I love both, and both need lots of TLC. 
When I pulled out one manuscript to simply take a look at it, however, I instantly fell back in love. . . with the story, my MC, my dashing hero, my comic relief, and the setting of my adopted hometown of Dallas. 
Funny, when it came down to it, there really was no choice at all. I have found my happy distraction and am now up to my elbows in writing fun. 
Sharing my manuscript’s title, Shelby Lynne’s “Dreamsome” is a beautiful song; calming in it’s rhythmic repetition, and yet heart-wrenchingly lonely. Which is a very interesting fusing.
My “Dream Some” explores the themes of forgiveness, patience, loyalty and most importantly. . . second chances with the love of your live. Which I’m also finding very interesting to write about. 

And by the way. . . “Did you miss me?”

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