Things I bought that I love

“I Dig Chicks” by Jonah Jones.
Yes, that Jonah Jones.
I know. I’d never heard of him either. But while I was perusing the vinyls the other day, I snatched up this little honey, sight unseen–or rather, hearing un. . . .heard. ?? 
First, it was in the Easy Listening section, and second, well. . . .just look at the cover. I was intrigued and insulted and mildly grossed out all at the same time. Ergo: it simply had to be mine.
And guess what. It’s golden.
Turns out, Jonah Jones has the smooth, interesting, quintessentially 60’s jazz voice of a less-raspy Louis Armstrong. (JJ actually plays the trumpet on the record, as well.) 

And then the jazz piano started in. Which–naturally–got me to thinking about Harry Connick, Jr., which got me to thinking about how Harry might sound singing “I Dig Chicks.” And what if I was in the room? And then I got distracted and the record ended and the needle started making that annoying skipping sound. And, well, that’s about it. 
Crazy, yeah? Dig it…

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