Easier said than done.

We’re talking about my “40 Things” list. . . 

#33. “Fish for my dinner”
I’m working on it.

It was a beautiful day at Grapevine Lake. And I’m sure the fish were biting. Somewhere else.
Jig #1. Lost in 29 minutes.
I was happy on the INSIDE. (Deep inside.)
Dressed to KILL.
Jig #2. Lost in 3 minutes.

Needless to say, my first fishing expedition was a major bust. But I’m hopeful. With my new pole, new hat, pink wellies and official fishing license, I am PROMISED that–with a few lessons and tips–I’ll only get better. 

#11 – Retrying more food I thought I hated. 
This time: black olives.
Me no likey. Still.

#34 – Treat my parents to the restaurant of their choice. 
They chose Texas Land and Cattle. Not extremely imaginative, and not the best steak house in town, but I didn’t argue. I was happy they agreed to the outing. Plus, they were in vacation attire–so the Four Seasons was out.
At the end, my dad didn’t even reach for the check, but my mother did try to slip me her credit card.  Dad’s butterflied filet was the tastiest of all the dishes. We skipped dessert at the restaurant for ice cream cones at Braums.  (I did not treat.) 

#9 – Double my car payments
Done and done. This baby’s alllll mine, yo.

#10 – Sing in Public

 In front of roughly 200 people (I’d call that “public” by any stretch of the imagination), along with three other women, I sang THIS in church last Sunday. Different version, of course. We were no Mo-Tab. I’m not saying we were “better” than Mo-Tab. I’m just saying . . .

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