Sunshine Day

So far, today is a win!
Well, first of all, because of this song . . . . .

(I heart Greg Brady. So sue me.)

And also because . . . . 

Today, there was loads of sunshine

I drove to lunch with the sunroof wide open
At said lunch, I met my fabulous, beautiful friend for her birthday at our favorite place
At our favorite place, I got a killer spicy black bean burger
Back at the office, I received some happy news

Then I lived through a very annoying meeting and didn’t need a Diet Coke. (This is a win in and of itself. You have no idea!)
My parents landed safely back home in California
And, if all goes well, I’ll consume only about 
another handful of these most delicious almond M&Ms, leave work, stop at the library, exercise, then spend the evening doing what I love the most. Writing–working on THIS

Okay, so maybe I’ve already scarfed more than one handful, but . . . wait! Did I mention how I haven’t had a Diet Coke?? All day??

Anyway. Thank you, awesomely productive, wonderful day. Hope to see you again reeeeeal soon.

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