son of a . . .

decisions, decisions. . . 

Today, I spent a nice afternoon at my friendly, neighborhood gun range.


After endlessly pondering though the glass (almost as fun as ogling at cupcakes in the bakery), my first choice was this little honey.
Taurus 85 38 Special P+P 3″ Ultra Light
 Funnily enough, my aim was a bit better pulling the full trigger instead of cocking the hammer for the easy pull. I wonder if that’s because my frame was more locked and braced for the recoil. Perhaps.
Anyway. I loved it.
kiss-kiss, bang-bang

Second up: This was the “gun of the week” or whatever, so their was no rental fee. Gimme.
Ruger LCR 38
I’m pretty crazy in love with the hammer-less model. In theory. But again, I like having the option of going double action or single on the trigger.
This little gun had a killer recoil so my hand got a bit beat up, but it was sure dreamy to shoot.
Until. . . .
Smith & Wesson M60 38 Special
I mean, really. Is there anything better than a S&W 38 chrome? It weighs a bit more than the others, but there was hardly any recoil and the double action trigger was super easy. (So easy, in fact, that the first time I shot it, I didn’t even mean to pull the trigger. oopsie. hee-hee)

The S&W is my favorite revolver so far. Now, the hunt begins.
kill zone. dead. good-night.
PS: As I was gearing up (putting on my “eyes and ears”), another shooter and I started chatting. He ended up in the lane next to me and offered to let me shoot two of his guns. First was a lovely semi-automatic number. Loved it. Strong and loud and smooth. Second was a light and slim 22. Wow. It felt like a toy gun. The dude showed me my holes on his target from the 22–they were all in the red center, teeny-tiny holes. (Just sayin’.)
Semis are way fun to shoot, but for now, I’m after that revolver.
* * * kaboom. poof  * * *

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