a new year

h a p p y !

(via: kate spade)
2011 was a good year. Even great, sometimes. Although, sometimes it kind of sucked, too. 
I’m sure you know how that goes. . . 
In the past year, I fought hard for changes and improvements and even did some things I swore I never would. 
Some minor example are: 
downloaded a Lady Gaga song,
eased way up on always using proper punctuation and never using shortcut spelling in text messages,
trusted someone I knew I shouldn’t trust and it turned out okay,
trusting another someone and it kind of blew up in my face,
added The Rolling Stones to my iPod

There’s lots more, but the frivolous is all I’m sharing online for now. (here’s why)
Seriously though, if I can add Lady Gaga to my workout playlist, I’m pretty sure I can do anything. 

Here’s looking forward to an amazing 2012.
See you there. . .

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