"board" out of my mind

More fun with home improvement

* * *New Headboard* * *
After sifting through a few dozen DIY blogs and websites, I decided to tackle this project today. In theory, it seemed simple enough. Which doesn’t always translate to being simple-for-Mary, however. Nonetheless, I pulled out my tape measure, made the necessary notes and headed out.
I spent $19 at Home Depot – plywood (60×40), two pieces of wood for potential “legs” (25″ 1×6), and pack of 1/4″ staples for heavy-duty staple gun.

Home, after cute Spanish-speaking guys at Home Depot lashed plywood to the roof of my car. It was only a 1.5-mile drive, but it somehow took me ten minutes. 
Safety first, yeah? 
After unloading the HD loot, I headed to JoAnn’s, where I spent $13 – two yards of fabric and one bag-thingy of batting.
32 bones. Not bad. 

Once I ironed out the major wrinkles, the whole thing took me less than an hour. Seriously, easy-peasy, right? And if I can do it……

The fabric isn’t exactly what I was after, but my choices were limited because I needed it 48″wide–which is not standard. But the beauty of this DIY is, whenever it strikes my fancy, I can always recover.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but this pattern matches exactly with the rug in the room next door. I’m not much for the matchy-matchy look, so I’ll probably change the fabric sooner than later.
Don’t worry. After I took this picture, I made it more even. I should take a new picture, because this one is probably going to bug me for the rest of my blogging life. 
Oh well…. I’m off to sleep under the rainbow, snuggled up in my shirt blank. Bliss.zzzz…….

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