back to work

(via: tumblr)
As per normal, the longest holiday weekend felt much too short. Especially as I sit here, torn between cracking open a Diet Coke, and crawling under my desk for another few winks of sleep.
Playing this really loudly is helping.

My Christmas vacation was wonderful (despite the inconvenience of return to Real Life). Lots of family time, lots of completed projects, lots of Love and Fun and Food and even a nap or two–which is my true gauge of  how successful a long weekend is. 
And since I’m part of a skeleton crew at work, I plan on getting a lot done here, too. Which is one benefit of running out of vacation days at the end of the year.

Today is going to be great. I’m already planning a trip across the street (well, it’s actually an interstate freeway, but who’s counting?) to the mall a bit later, while catching up with work friends, and probably a very delicious lunch out somewhere. And maybe that Diet Coke if I’m very good? We’ll see.

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