T-shirt blanket

Done, son.
Thank you, fans.
First shot after the top was all sewed together

Blending the front and back of my Republic of Pemberley tee.

Hand sewing the binding took FOREVER. And I only bled a little.

This was my first corner. Unfortunately, they got worse as I went.

Seriously, look how snuggly.

Of course I had to add my tag.
Finished product, even though I couldn’t get all of it in the picture.

Nap time.
After it was all done, I decided to add a few more to the blank spaces, including bits of McFly.

Starting in the top left-hand corner:
Stanford University sweatshirt (quick “research” trip to the Stanford campus with sister S. Will forever remind me of how the guy at the bookstore totally busted us for not being students, and how S’s sweatshirt was way too small, and laughing our guts out right outside the bookstore. 2008.)
Waldon Woods Project (a charity protecting the woods near Boston that were the inspiration for Henry David Thoreau’s Waldon. 1998.)
Margaritaville (I’m pretty sure I got this while on vay-cay in Florida with S and two other college friends, 1999.)
Floridasplash.com (sister E’s website for her rental properties in Florida and Tennessee. 2004.)
Chico State (this is actually the backside of a pair of shorts. 1999.)
Saint Justin’s Cross (I got this in Wales during my summer of study abroad in England. 2000.)
Live United (United Way – Atmos Energy’s charity of choice. 2007.)
Atmos Energy/The Spirit of Service (one of the millions of shirts I have for work. I chose this one because I somehow manage to have two of the neon green ones.)
Globe Theater Anniversary (I got this in London after seeing an all-male cast of “Cleopatra” at the Globe Theatre. 2000.)
Stevie Wonder (Steve Nash, before he was traded to Phoenix. 2004.)
Careful, or you’ll end up in my novel (This was a gift from some friends at work. Three years later, I got the same shirt from another work friend. 2007.)
McFly (band’s official logo. 2010.)
Backstreet Boys (Black & Blue concert. 2001.)
Dallas Mavericks NBA champion (2010-2011 season)
Love Pink (Victoria’s Secret, Koman donations. 2010)
I heart NY (the best $3 I’ve ever spent. Bought on the street of Manhattan, with sisters E & S. 2008.)
NBA All-Star games (in Dallas. 2010.)
Faith in Every Footstep (Koman Race-for-the-Cure 5K.)
Rib & Loin (bar-b-que place in Ooltewah, TN. 2000.)
Republic of Pemberley (front and back. 1999.)
San Francisco Giants (World Series champs, 2010.)
Chico State University (bought this during a trip to Chico with S. 2011.)
Rib & Loin (back of shirt)
Chucks/Gators (shirts of two restaurants a previous employer used to have as clients. 2002.)
My Last Twilight (bought in Forks, WA, while on trip with S and parents in Washington and British Columbia. 2008.)
McFly (concert shirt. 2011.)
Billy Joel (concert in Portland, OR with S and two college friends. 1998.)
Dallas Mavericks (NBA finals. 2006.)
Backstreet Boys (Millennium concert in San Francisco. 1999.)
Florida Gators sweatshirt (I think I bought this while on vay-cay in FL with S and college friends. 2000.)
Hula’s (the BEST restaurant in Chico. And the world. 1997.)
Smith Family (reunion & parent’s 50th anniversary in Park City, UT. 2011.)
Thoreau quote from Waldon (Waldon Wood’s Project. 1998.)
SGB (Seagrove Beach, Florida. 2003.)
Cal sweatshirt (Cal State Berkeley, bought while on trip to campus with S. It was pouring down rain. 2008.)
Harrods – Knightsbridge (I bought a shirt at Harrods while in London. I hadn’t worn it in years but didn’t have the heart to toss it out. I was very happy the tag at least has finally found a home. 2000.)

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