a present to you from you

I wish you books . . . 

Read a book!
Because it makes you smarter.
Because it’s fun.
Because it sharpens your wit and develops your capacity for empathy.
Because it makes the existential void a little less like a black hole.
Because it allows you to defy the laws of physics and travel through time and space.
Because it forces you to consider other opinions, other practices, other “right” ways to do things.
Because it allows you to walk into the most well attended, interesting party, listen in on outrageous conversations, get caught up on all the gossip…and leave whenever you want.
Because the more you read, the more your brain and soul expand.
Because you can’t be lonely when you’re immersed in a good book.
Because just this year, I’ve hung out with Keith Richards and Patti Smith, fallen in love with Hemingway all over again, realized that Dr. Seuss writes the best self-help books, been dazzled by Jonathan Franzen and Jennifer Egan, transported by Mary Stewart, titillated by Eloisa James, and tickled by Nora Ephron’s latest review of her crazy life.
Because I can’t imagine how bleak the world would be without books to record and re-imagine our achievements and losses, our triumphs and tragedies, and all the greatness and smallness of our shared humanity.
So, go to your nearest bookstore or click on the “buy now” button on your eReader and get a book (or books) and start reading.  
Then, tell everyone about it.

(stolen from: Dystel & Goderich Lit)

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