in the bag

Playing a little “40 Things” catch-up…..

#2 – Read two books that have always intimidated me  
(or in this case, bugged me.) 
“A Christmas Carol” (this is one of the two)
#6 – Teach a class
As part of COMPANY’s “Natural Gas 101,” I’ve taught two mini (very mini) refresher courses to three different groups. Two more to come.
#12 – Take a step toward my true passion
National Novel Writing Month.
done & done.
#18 – Embrace the White
If anyone has seen me lately, you know this one is oh-so-true. (Paula’s Choice is my first ever daily sunscreen of choice. Excellent product.)
#26 – “Unplug”
This started during my NaNo month, and I’m so used to the quiet now, that I seldom turn on TV, radio, cd like I use to. Digging the quiet.
#27 – “Unsubscribe”
I’ve been doing this pretty religiously since September. I get so much junk mail, junk email and worthless Facebook news feeds. Now, when something comes up that I don’t read and know I will NEVER read, I don’t just delete, but I go to the site and unsubscribe. It’s amazing how much cleaner all my inboxes are these days. I highly recommend this. I was keeping track of my email unsubscribes for a while, but stopped counting after 50.
#28 – Take a class
In October, I sat in on one of those free classes at Home Depot. It was on home fire safety. And I loved it. They offer three every Saturday. This will definitely not be my last.

Still a long way to go on my list, but I’d like to rest for a while now. Thanks. Bye.

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