Soo…..it’s been a craZy, wonderful, blurry-blur month of writing and eating and writing, not washing dishes or clothes and writing and then writing some more. I’ve learned so much about forming habits, patience, discipline and dealing with my silly self-inflicted pressure. 
Now when I can sit back and think about it, it’s really quite an accomplishment to have this pretty, shiny new story that just kind of poured out of me. About five days into the challenge, it was clear to me that THIS was the story I was meant to write this month. Except for one experience (which I refer to as “The 900 word night”), I didn’t struggle much with writers’ block or get too hung up on details and research–which was the whole point of this particular NaNoWriMo challenge. We were meant to just WRITE, let it flow, and worry about details later. My inner-editor never really went away, which was the biggest challenge for me. But I managed to bind and gag her for the most part. She’s very feisty, however. 

I’d like to thank each of you for your support and love this past month.  
I’m already looking forward to next November!

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