Writing Inspirations – Sara Bareilles

Why I love Sara B
(clicky-click on the titles to hear pretty songs) 
“Little girl,
I don’t know why you stay
If I had a feather for every time Daddy said that
I could fly away
Cuz old habits are so hard to break
It’d be a shame to stop now that I started me make really good mistakes.”
“I may seem naive
if I cry as you leave
like I’m just one more tortured heart
These cracks that I show
as I’m watching you go
aren’t tearing me apart…
The angels say I’d smile today
Oh well, who needs angels anyway?”
“I’ll be strong
And if not now it won’t be long.”
“I don’t want to talk about it to you
I’m not an open book that you can rifle though…
I don’t say much
and it’ll stay that way
You’re got a steel-train touch
and I’m just a track you lay,
So I’ll stay right here underneath you
I’m just a basket case–it’s what we do.”
“Sweet sun,
send me the moon.”
Situation’s always the same
You’ve got your wolves in their clothes whispering Hollywood’s name.”
“I’ve got a thick tongue
brimming with the words that go unsung
I simmer then I burn for a someone
the wrong one.”
“They’ll be girls across the nation that’ll eat this up
Baby, I know that it’s your soul. but could you bottle it up?”
“You love the chase but hate me for the run around
We’re both just tired of the whole thing,
You tell me what you need, you want, you know you have to have,
And I just pretend I’m listening.”
“I’m well-versed 
in  how I might be cursed
I don’t need it articulated.”

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