Writing Inspirations – Running

Why I love running….
For obvious reasons (naughty NaNo) I’ve been living almost exclusively in my head lately. Even as busy as work gets, my head is still wrapped around my story…..ever plotting away. 
I’m a pretty consistent (though not over-enthusiastic) exerciser. First thing I do when I get home is pull on the workout clothes. Last week (for that above, obvious reason), my daily workouts were down to zero. I planned on this, because I needed to really focus on word-count. And since I’m all nice and ahead now, last night, the running shoes came out from the back of the closet, and I hit the trail.
Let me tell you why I love running so much (when I don’t hate it). 
1) It feels good, physically and mentally. And I’m all about things that make me feel good. The knowledge that my muscles are working properly, and with my ponytail slapping rhythmically against my neck. That’s “good” to the extreme. 

2)  For me, there’s a sense of accomplishment when I make it to “that tree,” or across “that bridge.” It’s a way of pushing myself toward something that takes great effort. And even if it’s in the form of a side cramp or breathing too hard, the rewards always come. 
3) Most of the time, when I allow myself to get into “the zone,” there is nothing more I can focus on than simply staying upright. I have to stop planning, over-thinking, and making lists in my head. Because…..my lungs are burning, my legs are aching and all I want to do is dive off the path and on to that nice, soft grass for a rest. But those few (semi-painful, albeit) moments with a clear head can do wonders when it’s time to think again.
4) Thinking. I do some of my best thinking when I run. The only problem with that is–by the time I’m home–I sometimes forget the brilliance I’ve just conjured up. My iPod shuffle doesn’t  have one of those voice-activated recorder thing. Maybe I need to invest in one. Merry Christmas to Mary, maybe?
Yes, I woke up a little sore this morning, and yes, while planning my day, the LAST thing I want to do is go for a run tonight. But I know that will change. I guess I can always pray for rain….. 

During last night’s run, while in my good thinking mode, I mentally wrote a new scene while my iPod blasted this song.
(And let’s just say…they’re not sittin’ in church…) 

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