domestic goddess

#3, #4, #12, #19 & #35 are all but in the can. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a busy Saturday. And it’s only 4:00.

After sleeping in for a miraculous one hour, I had a little workout–cutting  it short because I had to mess with my persnickety iPod shuffle, which kept freezing on me. And WHO can be expected to exercise without Selena Gomez and McFly?

Then it was off to Lowes. For the ladder. The one I had in mind, they didn’t have. But I think I got something even better. See this little beauty below? That’ll be me one day, hanging wallpaper in tapered khakis with some random, smiling dude. Squee! Can’t wait!!

Today, however, I made my new, special ladder all nice and tall….just perfect to get little me up and through the tiny ceiling hole to the attic. Score!

After comfortably scaling my new friend, I started in on the organizing. My goal was three-fold:
1) Well, just…get up there. (#35)
2) Pull down my massive bag’o logo’d t-shirts. (oy, there’s lots.) (#3, but I’ve decided not to just toss them out. I’ve got a plan for them now. Stay tuned…)
3) With all that freed-up space (and with the help of my lil ladder friend), a bunch more stuff went up the hole.
Oh, and while I was up there, I duct taped the air conduit that’s been mighty torn up since I moved in three years ago. It’s wrapped all nice and tight like a mummy now. (#4)
While I was in such an industrious mood, I kept going.
The painful closet purge. (#19)
1 skirt
2 jackets
7 pairs of jeans
4 pairs of pants
1 poncho/shawl thing
8 tops
2 bags
3 pairs of boots
2 pairs of shoes
(And that was BEFORE I’ve dragged out the winter wardrobe. Therefore, more to come…)
With my bundle of charitable tax deductions in tow, I headed to Good Will, first popping by Plato’s Closet to see if they wanted any of my “tweenier” pieces. Which they did. I got seven smackers for one H&M top and one pair of distressed jeans. Hollah!

Now I’m home for the rest of the night. Working on Abby. (#12) And maaaaybe watching a bit of the Rangers game. 
Sidebar: Before publishing this, which officially commences my self-inflicted house arrest, I quickly dashed over to Little Caesars for a carb-fest. You know, to keep myself going all evening. Ugh. Too many bread stick. I’m sure I’ll regret that in the morning.

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