Howdy, folks!

Yes, oh, yes! It’s that time of year again. The kids are back in school, the weather has dipped to a cool yet still rather uncomfortably sultry 95, baseball playoffs, hockey preseason. Which mean…

The Great State Fair of Texas!


I haven’t decided yet if I’m going. It’s been a few years, but really…how much has changed? Maybe I’ll just stay home and visit the fair vicariously though watching the evening news. 

Sounds lovely. Less crowds, too.
Of course…they have been, bragging for a month about the new and old-favorite deep-fried deliciousness on this year’s menu. (PS: Here’s a wee example: “Heavenly Deep Fried Brownies,” “Double Fried Chicken Breast Taco,” “Deep Fried Whole Lotta Chocolatta.” Honestly, I don’t know what any of that means, but I’m a bit curious to find out!)
Here’s how Mary does the fair: First stop: funnel cake. Then I make a single lap through the Midway, possibly pop by the livestock (depending on what kind of shoes I’m wearing and the general humidity–which tends to make everything smell a bit “riper”), eat enough greasy-deliciousness (“It’s only once a year!!”) to make me want to puke, and then immediately spend fifty bucks on the rides–quite possibly revisiting (midair) that second funnel cake I just inhaled. 

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