40 Little Things

 (on April 18, 2012)
(which gives me seven months…starting……..now!)

(you remember him, the handyman from “One Day at a Time”)
(Currently, I don’t even own a cake pan)
8. Run the stadium stairs
(double ouch)
(writing, of course)
(Eek! Be brave, Mary!)
15. Take on a new leadership responsibility at work
(sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! We’re not 20 anymore–ergo: #5)
(I’m thinking Austin)
21. Visit a new place in California
(I’m thinking Yosemite)
23. Make ricotta cheese
24. Learn to do a Sudoku puzzle
25. Go on a date with a 25-year-old one last time Recycle
(no TV, no radio, no iPod, no computer. Learn to live in the silence more often)
(magazines, email catalogs, facebook “likes”)
29. Have a “Day at the Angelika”
30. Wear false eyelashes
31. Renew my passport
32. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
(or something else in the community)
(this could be literally or figuratively)
37. Take a long walk in the rain without an umbrella
38. Upgrade jewelry
39. Sleep under the stars
40. Ride in a limo Own my own handgun and CHL

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