I’m mad at Texas again. We had a week of gorgeous, glorious weather. And now, not only are we in the triple digits again, we’ve tied AND broken the heat record. Ugh.

What was it Michael Corleone said in The Godfather III? “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” Or something like that. I prefer the original Godfather movie. It’s purer, somehow. And I miss Brando.
But, I digress.

So yeah, I’m mad at Texas.

As I was driving home today, I caught the weather report. No surprise: Hot temps. No rain in sight.
I groaned aloud.

But then I got to thinking about that passage at the beginning of Twilight, when vile Mike is asking Bella about Phoenix. She tells him it rains three to four times a year there.
“Wow, what must that be like?” vile Mike asked her. And without skipping a beat, Bella answered:



Of all the things she could have said (ie: disgustingly hot, dangerously dry, havoc on the complexion, it’s a regular desert!), she chose “Sunny.”

Now, I’ve never considered Bella Swan to be a particularly upbeat character. In fact, she’s rather a dirty, whiny, complaining downer in my opinion (but more on that topic another time). Yet, she chose a positive word. She may have moaned it, of course, or uttered it with a roll of her dirty, whiny, complaining eyes (Ms Meyer doesn’t give us any details, but I have my own ideas about it…). But the word is still there.


I like it.
I LOVE the sun. And I LOVE the word sunny. It’s so happy and yellow and…I don’t know…springy!

Ok, then. I’ll say it. Today, Dallas was sunny! Both puffy and whispy clouds in the bright, blue umbrella sky. And it was gorgeous by any standards!

And speaking of sunny. Here’s another one. Sonny Corleone. Not his best day….

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