Today’s lunch field trip lead me to Midway Point (Your Neighborhood Bar & Restaurant).

Cheeseburger: check.

Sweet potato fries: check.

Diet Coke on tap: check. And it came in one of those huge red plastic cups. Score!

This was a very good burger. They boast that their burgers are “homemade” (which is a bit confusing when it comes to a restaurant, but…whatever). It did taste like something I might whip up at home. (Well, not “I” per se, because I’m much too busy blogging and eating and being fabulous to actually “make” anything.)

Also at the table was the “BAT” (bacon, avocado, tomato) sandwich–which looked extremely delightful, and I might have to try next time–and the turkey burger–which I am also rather partial to. It was reported back that both leaned toward the uber-delicious side.

The ambiance was strange, however. It’s a sports bar, yet dark and spooky. Weird.

One down side: the service. Monumentally slow. We couldn’t figure out if they were short-staffed today or if this was a common occurrence. Everyone else in the place seemed not annoyed nor rushed. So, maybe it was just us. The meal was worth the wait, but next time, perhaps I’ll go when I don’t have to watch the clock.

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