Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

Ok, “West Wing,” you’re starting to cheese me off. (SPOILER ALERT…for those of you who are also a decade behind in TV.) First, the cliff-hanger with President Bartlet “stepping down” while the FBI searches for his ecstasy-popping, French prince-dating, pre-“Mad Men” kidnapped daughter. Then they bring in his replacement: big, fat, blustering, gun-toting, southern republican, played by John Goodman. Thanks, Aaron Sorkin, for sticking the conservative side with such an obvious cliche. Then Rob Lowe left the show. /gasp/ Then Josh got demoted. Sort of. And now the president and first lady aren’t speaking because this isn’t what she signed up for. Oh, and Chandler from “Friends” is a reoccurring character? Weird. And Leo didn’t make VP? When will Josh and Donna hook up already? Toby, dude, enough with the Jewish yelling.

Stop preaching, Sorkin, and show me the love. And more walking the halls, please.

Miss you, Rob….

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