"…By any other name would smell as sweet…"

My name is weird. And not the “cool” weird. But the boring weird. (Sorry, parents–it’s true.) And I’m usually fine with it, even when asked to repeat it, or even spell it. Okay…? But sometimes it’s a little annoying. Like just now. I just got off the phone with someone who needed my office email address:
“It’s mary (dot) smith (at)…”

“Ha-ha, but that’s not your real name, right?”


“Huh-huh. Yeah, I’m in the Witness Protection Program.”

And then we go on about something else for a few mintues.

“Okay, so…what was your name?”

“(pause) It’s Mary Smith.”

I can actually hear her confused, rapid blinking.

“Oh! Oh…uh…right. Got it. So…”
People suck.

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