Friends & Lovers

Can I just say, I love my friends. They’re the best. Always thinking of me, always on the lookout for things I’d be interested in…

“Mary, I’m at the mall…you’ll love these boots.”
“Hey, Mary, watch this movie.”
“Mary, you need this jacket, it’s so you!”
“Hello, you must try this cheesecake.”
“Mary. New cupcake store.”
‘Nuff said.I always get two cupcakes: One chocolate (you know, in case the world ends and I have only one thing to eat before the earth explodes or freezes or whatever) and one bonus flavor. At Sugar Queen Cupcakes today, I opted for the Chocolate Chocolate Chip and the Cream Cheese Lime. Oh my. The cake is dense and moist, the mini chocolate chips are nicely packed in–yet not too numerous to detract from the main star of the show–and the frosting…did I taste a little sour cream in there?
Until I’ve tried a few more flavors, Sugar Queen will not trump my current favorite cupcake stand: In the Mix–who you met before (see July 8th post).

You will notice, however, that today’s ccc didn’t make it long enough to be pictured…

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