Du-du-du…another one bites the dust…

Hello. My name is Mary. And I kill plants.

Pictured below are the two latest kills… My camera is rather junky, so these pictures don’t represent how bad they actually look. They may still appear a bit green and alive. But trust me–I’ve killed a lot of plants, a LOT. Mary knows.Here are some examples of my “still living” plants. And I use that term loosely. When each were bought, or given (people, when will you learn?), they were healthy and leafy and eager to live a full life. But as you can see, they are now somewhat limp and sad and rather twig-like.
I’m told I tend to “over love” my plants. I like that answer. I keep searching for a plant that needs to be watered every day, maybe several times, majorly fussed over, than able to be left on its own for weeks at a time. Something tells me, however, that I’d find some crafty way to inadvertently torture then kill that, too. (And people wonder why I don’t have a dog.)

So then, why, you ask, would I’ve recently spent my hard-earned money on a new plant? And one that isn’t the easiest to grow in Texas for “normal” people.
Look how pretty….

Fern leaf lavender. I’m already in love.
Crappy camera notwithstanding, can you see the precious little purplish-gray flowers sprouting out like Fourth of July sparklers? Just darling.
What you, Reader, CANNOT experience even through the best camera, is the smell of this lovely plant. It’s strong, soupy and sweet and floral-y-ish. Longing for this heady scent in my living room, I read last night about how to potentially grow said shrubbery indoors. Um, strongly discouraged. I took the hint and she went back outside to brave the sweltering heat like a little champ.
/sigh/ Fingers crossed for this wee dude.

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