The Closer. (And no, not pitcher Brian Wilson.)

Should one be interested in a TV show of uber greatness…season seven of The Closer previews tonight. TNT, 8pm CST.

The writing is fresh, clever and relevant, and seldom resorts to being blatantly sleazy. The ensemble cast (of mostly men) is superb. And the storylines have ceased to get old.

But what I love most about TC is Brenda Lee Johnson (AKA Mrs Kevin Bacon). Her fantabulous hair (perfect ringlets or pulled up in a cheerleader-type pony), her snazzy K-Mart skirts, pink trench coat, terribly annoying southern accent–which has somehow grown on me, her dreamboat FBI Agent husband Fritz, her catch phrase: “Thank you,” (wide, sticky-sweet smile) “thank you so much,” and most of all, her desk drawer full of Ding Dongs, candy bars and other unknown yet seemingly endless deliciousnesses.

Brenda’s a tough cop hero chick I can truly get behind. I can’t wait to see what’s she’s wearing tonight!

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