Helloooo, lovers

So what’s with all the food posts lately? Easy. I’m planning a beach vacation, trying to get “bathing suit ready.” Ergo, I can’t stop thinking about sugar.

But I digress…

In the Mix cupcakes. Are the best. Better than Sprinkles, better than Dimples, better than any cupcakes in the land. This is subjective, of course–like burgers and pizza, everyone has their own opinion. And in mine, In the Mix: magnifico! Pictured here are my two (current) favorites. Chocolate ganache and lemon. I am also partial to the regular chocolate and the strawberry. And white. And red velvet. Oh, just gimme a cupcake already.

PS: In the Mix has recently been featured as a groupon and living social. But I loved it first, so there.

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