Burgers twice in one week, you ask? Why, yes. When Boss says he wants Smashburger, who am I to argue? Hee-hee.

Frankly, I could eat at Smashburger every day. I never tire of it. I did, however, switch to chicken a few months ago because I was “Smashing” so often. But, never fear: the chicken is insane. This is how I order it: Grilled, whole grain bun, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and chiplotle sauce on the side. This combo is killer. KILLER, I say!

However….for the purpose of this blog, today I went back to the Classic Smashburger (Lovingly pictured here, right before I dove in.). Midway through bite number one, I was in taste bud seventh heaven. I’m pretty sure I didn’t stop moaning and mmm-ing for 20 minutes…much to the amusement of Boss and other colleague at the table.

So, what exactly was I doing getting those silly, “healthy” chicken sammies for all those months, those wasted months?? I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll admit it. No more messing around.

Boss got the shredded fried onion ring things–which were very tasty. But I got my usually sweet potato fries. Maybe because I was at Jake’s just yesterday, I was able to compare the spf from the two place. Smashburger kills.

Oh and they have Coke Zero on tap–which is nice for a change sometimes. Sometimes.

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